The cPanel Control Panel was the undisputed pioneer among web hosting management interfaces a short while ago. When shared hosting shot to popularity, the cPanel concept could not adapt to the new reality and come up to the requirements of the dynamic web hosting market anymore.

The Hepsia Cloud Hosting Control Panel was built to work on a cloud hosting hosting system and can quickly be transformed each time a new functionality is designed. It is a 1–stop site management solution for handling your online presence together with your domains, web sites, invoicing together with your support emails.

1. Domain/invoicing/website adjustments

Using the Hepsia Cloud Hosting Control Panel you’ll be able to deal with your web sites, domains and email messages within exactly the same place. You do not have to make use of any extra invoicing or domain user interfaces.

With the cPanel Control Panel, you need to log into 2 separate Control Panel tools – an invoicing panel from which you take care of domains and invoicing and the cPanel Control Panel from which you take care of your web sites.

2. File Hierarchy

Using the Hepsia Cloud Hosting Control Panel, each domain name and subdomain will have its unique folder in the core web hosting account folder. In this manner, all web sites will be fully insulated from each other.

If you decide to manage numerous web sites from a single cPanel website hosting account, it might be quite a bit perplexing. You’ll have a single main web site and all other websites and subdomains are going to be included into its directory as subdirectories. If you need to have an individual directory for each individual site, you will have to use different Control Panels for each of them.

3. File Manager

The Hepsia Cloud Hosting Control Panel offers an intuitive File Manager, which enables you to add data files just by dragging them in the web browser. You will get quick access to all the features through useful right click context navigation. You can as well use program code and WYSIWYG tools. All capabilities are simple to find.

The cPanel’s File Manager gives you restricted control of your files and folders. You’ll have trouble uploading many different files at the same time and won’t be able to drag and drop files because this operation is not in fact supported. An archive/extract functionality isn’t made available either. File updating applications are also minimized in number.

4. Cost–free Extras

Using the Hepsia Cloud Hosting Control Panel, you you will find a great deal of totally free extras put together by our company. They come absolutely free with each web hosting solution, which uses our Control Panel. With each plan, you can use tools like the Easy Web Site Installer, the Best Web Apps, the PHP Framework Installer, the Free Of Charge Web Site Creator, a range of Advanced Tools, and much more.

The cPanel Control Panel is distributed by way of a paid license and additional benefits are going to be integrated at an additional charge. As a result, even if your service provider provides zero–cost add–ons within the cPanel, their particular cost is going to be contained in the final price of your hosting plan. Also, the amount and type of free–of–charge benefits will vary from one website hosting provider to another.

5. Control Panel Performance Speeds

The Hepsia Cloud Hosting Control Panel operates on our in–house built shared hosting service. It has been optimized to perform on our setup of equipment parts and to function using our collection of software programs. This makes it perform a lot quicker compared with almost any other Control Panel available. And it is more secure too.

cPanel continues to be performing on a system from 2000’s and will really be sluggish from time to time. The cPanel team of developers has carried out a large step with the release of cPanel accelerated. However, in comparison tests, popular website administration operations often demonstrate much better outcomes with alternative Control Panel solutions.

6. Multi–domain name Controls

The Hepsia Cloud Hosting Control Panel helps you conveniently manage several web sites in addition to their domains from a single location. Each individual website will have its own separate folder in the root of your hosting account and will also be completely free from the rest. This way, you need utilize only one website hosting account to control as many domains and sites as you want.

The cPanel Control Panel will keep things separated – you need to control your domain names from one login area and your sites from another. Each web site possesses its own Control Panel. Controlling numerous websites from a single Control Panel is also possible, but could be confusing because virtually all added domain names will be stored in the directory of the primary domain name.

7. Control Panel Navigation

With the Hepsia Cloud Hosting Control Panel, you will be given the most up–to–date stats for your web sites and with handy access icons to the key areas. Plus, you can easily navigate around the Control Panel, thanks to our top navigation bar, which includes instant access to all available Control Panel sections.

In the cPanel Control Panel, the home page is the sole location that has links to the numerous areas. Should you follow a menu and need to easily change to a different one, you will need to return to the home page and browse further from there. Such type of navigation can slow your projects when you want to efficiently perform a few tasks at the same time.

8. Demo Control Panel Accounts

The Hepsia Cloud Hosting Control Panel features a full–featured demo that offers almost every menu and tools it is bundled with. You could start building a site, install web applications, make email addresses, and so on. That way, you can get a far more complete perception of its user interface and capabilities prior to signing up.

The cPanel Control Panel provides a basic demo interface that doesn’t grant you access to the primary website administration instruments you need to test out. It’ll illustrate the way a common home page seems like and you’ll have access to just a few of all offered management options. All other sections will be unavailable until you join.

Rather than just learning facts about the Hepsia Cloud Hosting Hosting Control Panel, you can easily examine our Live Demo and discover for yourself how straightforward website management may be.

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